Gas Safety

Landlords are responsible for the safety of their tenants in accordance with Gas Safety regulations and are legally obliged to have gas appliances checked every 12 months. The regulations cover a wide range of residential premises including rental properties, hotels and rented holiday accommodation. As of 1st October 2015, regulations also require both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to be installed in rented residential properties. For more information on your responsibilities please visit the RLA (Residential Landlords Association)

Gas Safety Certificate

Heatfinders provides a hassle free service and peace of mind to its clients, ensuring the annual gas safety certificate (CP12) is up to date. All maintenance and safety checks are carried out by our Gas Safe registered engineers.

A Landlord Gas Safety Inspection includes:

Ensuring all gas fittings and appliances are safe to use

Checking the flue to ensure fumes are safely removed

Checking an adequate supply of fresh air so that gas burns properly

Checking the appliance is burning gas properly

Checking all safety devices are working properly and shutting off the appliance should a fault occur

A Gas Safety Certificate, acknowledging the checks that have taken place

More Information About Heating and Plumbing Services:

Agencies and Landlords

Are you a lettings agency, property management company or private landlord? Heatfinders provide specialised plumbing and heating services to property professionals including gas safety inspections, emergency repairs and boiler servicing.

Emergency Heating and Plumbing Repairs

When disaster strikes Heatfinders is here to help. Whether its an emergency boiler repair or a blocked toilet, Heatfinders team of fully qualified professionals are able to fix all heating and plumbing problems at your properties quickly and efficiently.

Boiler Servicing

As part of your annual gas safety inspection, Heatfinders can carry out a boiler service to make sure your properties heating system is efficient and effective. An unexpected boiler breakdown can be a costly inconvenience and can lead to a very unhappy tenant.