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Plumbing Repairs


Repairs and Your Emergency Plumber in Hove

A broken-down, failing, or faulty boiler can be an unnecessary added frustration to your day. Whether it’s at home, your place of work, your business, or your community centre, it’s a hurdle to overcome.

As your emergency contact for plumbing repairs in Brighton and Hove, Heatfinders’ qualified gas engineers will respond quickly and efficiently to provide burst pipe repairs, fix leaking plumbing, and all manner of boiler breakdowns and hiccups. We’ll work around your home or business with as minimal disruption to your daily schedule as possible to ensure we can repair or replace your broken boiler.

Our Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Brighton and Hove Can Help With…

No matter the type or make of boiler your household or workplace has, our engineers will be able to help. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are experienced in working on all boiler manufactures including:

Leaking and Burst Pipe Repairs

A burst pipe can happen when the water within freezes, expanding and weakening the pipe until it breaks apart, or just through the general wear and tear of old pipes. Regardless of how they occur, burst pipes can be frustrating for anyone. If you suspect a pipe may be leaking or you are in need of burst pipe repairs in Hove, our gas engineers can help. As emergency plumbers, we react quickly and efficiently to any unfortunate faults.

Leaking Tanks and Overflows

A leaking tank can be very expensive for a household or business, especially when unnoticed for a long time. Rust and limescale build up to cause leaks and breakdowns, so regular boiler servicing will help maintain their proper performance and function. As emergency plumbers we can often respond within the hour. We can provide tank maintenance, cleaning, valve replacement, overflow repairs and many other issues.

Problems With Your Boiler

Is your heating or plumbing playing up but you’re unsure of the problem? Our engineers are more than happy to visit your property and inspect your boiler. Sometimes a problem with your boiler isn’t as obvious as a tank overflow or burst pipe dripping water onto your carpet. If you suspect something is amiss you can contact our team. We provide emergency boiler fixes and maintenance for all manner of problems, so if you require boiler repairs in Hove we are happy to help.

Trust Our Emergency Plumbers

We are a local, family-run company with over 15 years of experience and personal service, achieving optimal customer satisfaction. As an emergency plumber for plumbing repairs in Hove and Brighton, we understand a faulty or failing boiler can cause a lot of worry and unnecessary hindrance to your day. We typically respond within the hour to any emergency calls. You're more than welcome to contact us for advice before we visit your property. We'll confirm whether you need our help and how to control the problem until your emergency plumber arrives.

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We provide heating and emergency plumbing repairs in Brighton & Hove and its surrounding areas. Heatfinders are passionate about helping you save money and offer expert advice on the most cost effective, energy efficient boilers and ways in which your boiler can help create healthier environment by reducing CO2 emissions.