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Take care with carbon monoxide; install a carbon monoxide alarm

June is national safety month and what could be more important than raising awareness of home safety issues around carbon monoxide. According to government figures released in the 2015/16 English housing survey only 23% of homes contain carbon monoxide alarms. This is a slight increase on previous estimations however when compared with 80% of homes using smoke alarms, there’s clearly a huge gap in awareness about this potentially lethal gas. With plenty of home owners also avoiding annual boiler servicing there is a clear risk of CO poisoning.

Current figures from the CMO show around 40 deaths and 200 hospitalisations each year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning which is entirely preventable. Carbon monoxide can be given off by all fossil fuels so care should be taken with coal fires and modern gas boilers alike. Known as the silent killer, you cannot see, hear, smell or taste it. Stay safe in your home and reduce your risk of CO poisoning with these simple tips:

  • Contact UsLook out for warning signs such as pilot light flames burning orange instead of blue
  • Sooty marks on appliances
  • Coal or wood fires which burn slowly or go out
  • Household members suffering prolonged flu like symptoms

Take appropriate precautions:

  • Make sure gas appliances are serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer
  • Ensure other fossil fuel appliances are properly maintained
  • Fit carbon monoxide alarms and test them regularly, these are available from us or most DIY stores

If you would like to arrange a boiler service and CO alarm installation then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01273 507988.

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